The tires diameter governs how hard the drive train works and when the tire size has changed, it will throw your vehicles performance out of whack. Regearing brings your vehicle back to its top performance by improving fuel efficiency as well as taking stress off the engine, transmission, axles and brings the power back! Getting a regear also helps with fuel economy, engine and transmission wear and tear.

Lift Kit

Do you want the feeling of ultimate power while you're looking down at cars on the road? A lift kit will give your tires more clearance while still retaining factory suspension geometry and alignment. We will help evaluate your vehicle and determine the ideal kit for your wants and needs. From a basic kit to custom kits we will raise you as high as the sky or keep you at a lower center of gravity. Lift kits vary in price depending on what and how much is being lifted. There is a lift kit for everyone. Call for a quote!

CNC Plasma Table

We have the ability to create custom designs for our custom builds. This is an up to date machine and can cut anywhere from 16 guage to half an inch steel.